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New Series: Conversing with serpents and doves

Part 1: How To Be Both Wise AND Harmless

Why do our conversations start off well, but end poorly? Our goals shift in mid-conversation. Prevent this and start getting results.

Part 2: WHY We Shift Our Goal Mid-Conversation

BEFORE we shift our goal, something happens in our brains. What is it and how can we avoid it and get results?

Part 3: The Four Easy Steps to Success


Now that we know why our high-emotion conversations get off track, what are the the steps we can take as we start the conversations to stay on track? How to avoid being a steamroller or a doormat.  

Part 4: The Art of Listening

So you do everything right and they are still attacking you like a serpent or just appeasing you like a dove - in other words, they go to "fight or flight"? Find out the four skills to get the conversation back on track.

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