G4G Bible Marking System


The GodforGod Bible Marking System

Since  first telling folks about our God for God Bible Marking System that has  helped me get a clearer and more intimate picture of God, I've had  quite a number of people ask me to explain it somewhere so they (and  others) can start doing it for themselves.  The system is VERY simple:

You'll Need:

A Bible (avoid the super-thin paged ones for this activity -- it might bleed through)

3 Highlighters (yellow,  blue and green) (orange optional)

A simple prayer for guidance and enlightenment

  1. Open  your Bible to any part you desire (you can start at Genesis and work  your way through, or you can jump all around -- whatever works best for  you).
  2. Start reading, and when you come to a text or portion of text that describes the CHARACTER OF GOD, highlight that in YELLOW.
  3. When you come to a text or portion of text that reveals GOD's WILL for YOUR LIFE (instructions, commandments, counsel) highlight that in BLUE
  4. When you come to a text or portion of text that is a PROMISE of GOD for YOU, highlight that in GREEN.

That's it! 

So here is what the most famous text in the entire Bible would look like: 

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (God's Character -- Yellow), that whosoever believeth on Him (God's Will -- Blue)should not perish but have everlasting life." (God's Promise -- Green)  John 3:16

You  will find that the BIBLE COMES ALIVE once again for you (even  ultra-familiar passages that you've heard so many times they seem to  have lost their impact).  

NOTE: You may want to have an ORANGE highlighter handy to mark interesting passages or facts you want to remember, that don't necessarily fall into one of the above three categories.

-You  will gradually find that spending time in God's Word and searching for  revelations of His character, will, and promises is more fulfilling than  TV, the Internet, movies or any of the other things we have become so  accustomed to for entertainment.  For lack of a better word, your time  with God will become addicting!

Enjoy!  Share with others!  If you have any questions, please fill out our contact page.

And drop me a line about how this simple method has helped you in your Bible study time and your walk with God.