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Feb. 8-10

Cohutta Springs -  Children's Leader's (invitation only)

Feb. 23

Harrison, TN "Heaven 1: Rebellion and Reunion"

March 2

Harrison, TN "Heaven 2: The Inheritance of the Meek"

March 30

Cleveland (Ladd Springs), TN "Serpents & Doves 3"

April 27

Fayetteville, GA "Heaven, Think On These Things"

May 4

Benton, TN  "Heaven 1: Rebellion and Reunion"

May 11

Roanoke, VA "Discernment in the Final Days"

(Postponed to Aug. 10) May 25

Harrison, TN "Heaven 3: Pleasures Forevermore" (Postponed to Aug. 10)

June 8

Benton, TN "Heaven 2: Inheritance of the Meek"

June 22

Benton, TN "Heaven 3: Pleasures Forevermore"

June 29

Georgetown, TN "Serpents & Doves 5: Great Debate"

July 6

Georgetown, TN TBD

Aug. 3

East Ridge, TN "Pleasures Forevermore"

Aug. 10

Harrison, TN "Heaven 3: Pleasures Forevermore"

Aug. 31

Georgetown, TN "Discernment 1: A Rare Commodity"

Sept. 7

Georgetown, TN "Discernment 2: 35,000 Decisions a Day

Sept. 21

Centerville, TN Heaven Series

Oct. 19

Gatlinburg, TN - Church Retreat

Nov. 16

Hohenwald, TN Heaven Series

Nov. 30

Georgetown, TN "Discernment 3: Final Events"

Dec. 7

Georgetown, TN TBD

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